What We Do

One doesn't need a trained eye to spot great craftsmanship. There's a certain level of finish, proportion, and balance that somehow comes across as "just right". Everything appears perfectly thought through, designed, and executed - with impeccable attention to detail. Drawers roll smoothly, doors close solidly, hinges arc perfectly, and every square centimetre has been optimised for space, functionality and style. That's the sense you get every time with a Quantum Leap Designs project. Whether it's a bells-and-whistles kitchen, a vanity unit, built-in cupboards, or an office installation, our commitment to the most exacting standards, and world-class customer service will always be our trademark.


In days gone by, kitchens were mostly hidden from view, and guests would hardly ever see a host's kitchen. Things are quite different these days, with kitchens coming out of the closet, so to speak, and fulfilling a primary social and recreational role. Whether you are after something more traditional, contemporary, or cutting edge modern, we are totally versatile and equally familiar with all styles. Our aim is to optimise your kitchen's potential, and deliver your "dream scenario" - with a minimum of stress, time and superfluous expenses. We know all too well how strongly people feel about their kitchens, and can assure you that the Quantum Leap Designs team are just as passionate and dedicated as you are.


With the increased pace and pressure of contemporary life, any moment that you have to relax in solitude, peace and serenity should be enjoyed to the fullest. Ultimately, time spent in one's bathroom has the potential to be a daily, mini-spa experience - restorative, relaxing and re-energising. And having the right materials, textures and conveniences at hand ñ often in tight spaces ñ can make all the difference between a chore and a treat. If you tell us a little more about you, your needs, and your lifestyle, we can design a customised vanity with all the cupboards, drawers and nooks you might need to house your favourite bathroom companions, and serve as your personal altar.

Built-In Cupboards

Maximising space, minimising clutter and bringing order to one's life - it's easy to underestimate the role of a good set of built-in cupboards. And as living spaces get smaller, and our demand for ìstuffî increases, we need more convenient, harder working storage solutions. The team at Quantum Leap Designs have a handle on how to get the most out of every square micron of space, without making it look busy, bulky or imposing. And with the exciting range of storage techniques and components available these days, you'll be amazed how many more shoes, shirts or accumulated baggage you can store.


Well-organized spaces, and finishes that project the right impression, directly affect levels of productivity and success in the work place. With the right input, design and craftsmanship, relatively ordinary offices, showrooms and shops can be dramatically transformed into inspirational, productive spaces. Our designers use the latest 3D software so you can see exactly what they're proposing, and how you'd like it perfected.

Who We Are

Established in 2006, Quantum Leap Designs has evolved into a successful enterprise, that is so much more than meets the eye. Situated in Saxenburg Park 1, Blackheath, Kuilsrivier, we are superbly located to service a wide area of the Western Cape. Though our workforce is small, yet dynamic, we pride ourselves in our high volume and quick service attitude. We look forward to making your cupboard-dreams a reality. We also have a branch in Pretoria, where we service property developers.


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